Gynaecological treatment:

  • diagnostics and prophylaxis of cancer,
  • cytological tests, harvesting of tissue for histopathological examination, detection of tumour antigens,
  • diagnostics and prophylaxis of breasts diseases (USG – conservative therapy),
  • fine needle biopsy performed under USG control (e.g. diagnostics and treatment of lesions in ovaries, breasts and thyroid),
  • procedures performed with the use of LEEP device (e.g. treatment of cervical erosion, removal of lesions and scars on the skin),
  • venereal diseases therapy,
  • guidance to women as regards hormone replacement therapy,
  • contraception – selection of the best method, also during breast-feeding,
  • diagnostic and treatment (pharmacotherapy, hormone therapy) of urinary incontinence in women,
  • surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in women,
  • surgical procedures with the use of TVT – low invasive and highly efficient method,
  • retropubic surgical procedures,
  • surgical correction of genital statics,
  • perineoplasty (correction of postpartum changes),
  • USG GE equipped with Doppler Duplex module and three gynaecological probes/heads.
Gynecological surgeries (surgeries photos)