• What is an implant?

    Mechanical injuries, caries and paradontium diseases are among the causes of tooth loss. Contemporary medicine offers much more durable solutions than popular bridges or dentures. A key to a beautiful smile is an implant that does not conceal a missing tooth, but reconstructs a perfectly functioning natural-looking tooth.

    implanty zębowe

  • Safety of dental implant treatment

    Today, dental implant is an ordinary procedure. Yet, as it is the case with any surgery, complications may occur. The risk is minimised due to a number of specialist tests performed, such as tomographic imaging with the use of cone-beam CAT scanner that MEDICO CLINIC has at its disposal. The information provided by a 3D image not only helps to decide on preparatory treatment, if necessary, but also to control the whole implant embedding procedure. The image shows the exact location of the nerves and sinuses, which – in the case of two-dimensional technologies – is never determined with a 100% confidence, thus posing the risk of damaging the nerve.

  • Pain during the procedure


    Modern anaesthesia techniques guarantee that it is a painless procedure performed under local anaesthesia. However, after the surgery, pain often occurs with various intensity. Every patient leaving Medico clinic after the procedure remains under care of our dentists who make sure that they at all times feel comfortable.


    It is a thermal-enabled therapy (in temperatures from 10° C to 30° C) eliminating swelling, pain and haematoma.

  • Durability of implants


    Depending on care taken by a patient, implants should last for a long period, even for life. However, it should be noted that any reconstructed tooth placed on an implant may be damaged as a result of injury, disease, or inadequate hygiene.

    Caring after your implants

    – brushing – at least twice a day,

    – flossing,

    – regular check-up visits at a dentist’s – twice a year,

    – skaling – removal of the tartar,/p>

    – professional hygiene treatment.

  • Costs

    koszt impantów

    The cost of the treatment depends on many factors: number of implants inserted, choice of the implant manufacturer, type of prosthetic reconstruction, and bone augmentation procedure, if necessary. The costs, like the whole treatment, can be divided in two parts – surgical embedding of implant(s) and prosthetic reconstruction.

  • Benefits of implants

    Loss of natural teeth has a number of negative consequences. Missing teeth are not only spoiling your smile and make you feel uncomfortable due to less attractive look. Badly-fitted denture, discomfort, pain and problems with chewing may lead to living a less active life and to apathy. Implants seem to be a perfect solution as they give you:

    – aesthetic look,

    – comfort and convenience,

    – healthy oral cavity,

    – easier eating (implants eliminate problems with choosing food),

    – distinctive speech,

    – durability of the replacement,

    – improved self-confidence.

  • Advantages of having implants

    • smaller risk of bone loss,,
    • no unnecessary interference with nature (in the case of implants, there is no need to grind the neighbouring teeth),
    • perfect functionality (an implant grows into the bone, thus ensuring the comfort identical with natural teeth),
    • easier hygiene,
    • aesthetic look.

  • Implant systems used in MEDICO CLINIC

    • Nobel Biocare,
    • Straumann Implants,
    • Astra Tech Dental Implants,
    • Alpha Bio,
    • Bego Semados,
    • Mozo-Grau
    • ICX Implants.